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THE MOST IMPORTANT info is halfway down.... about the  TRUE AUTHOR  of MUSIC for
the   over  500    free  -for-private-use songs in this website. If you're skimming... please
skip down to info about our  AMAZING GOD  and His Ephesians 3:20-21 empowering...
to ALL who love Him and seek to give Him glory......    "DianaDee" is just one of those... :)

The songs on this website were developed for use by persons 
who seek to serve our LORD GOD  in personal worship,  church worship, 
leading worship from a stage, or thru  recording songs of God 
to distribute to the world. FUTURE songs are available to artists; contact us! :)

The following Christ-following persons are part of this music ministry for 
YHWH  God  (Exodus 3:14) :                      
  ABOUT  Claxton Wilson, owner/producer of Valley 
                  Worship & Praise Productions Studio. 

  Since 2008, Claxton has provided all the exciting live  drum 
  tracks and the  slappin' and intricate  bass  skills that are way
  beyond  DianaDee's  slide skills!  He has produced final versions
  of 99+ % of these songs... AND designed &  maintains this
  fantastic website-- for the LORD God Whom he  dearly loves
  and serves with much technology skill.

       ABOUT  Johnny Kyle, 
                         owner/producer of  J & T Studio.
   By Spring 2010, the LORD was so graciously honoring
   DianaDee with so many songs that it was difficult to
   find time at VwP to record them all.  Through a
   literal God-incidence that was quite unlikely without
   God, DianaDee 'found'  Johnny's studio and began  
   recording Stage 2 tracks there.  (Stage 1 tracks are    
   created in her business studio.)  
   Johnny provides not just great rock sounds but also the
   amazing lead guitar  tracks heard on many songs 
   .... beginning with his heart wrenching skills for 
         Broken &  Healed Prayer  ('The Old Rugged Cross')
   Check the RESOURCES tab TOPICS for GUITAR list of
   more of Johnny's tremendous lead guitar work!
Many thanks go to not only Claxton Wilson of C & M Enterprises  for web design and management of literally 1,000s of files and 100s of Recording Projects,     but also to

Brad Sewell   at  MetaPros Website Solutions                              1-800-385-1953 

for all his work coordinating to host and maintain connections for this huge professional music resource for musicians.

God has provided persons who serve Him also through this ministry.  These include
Rick Blankenship, who does all the Hebrew Alphabet and definition readings for songs in the Psalm 119 Loving Living Word series;  Carey Priebe who played bass for all the songs recorded in 2008 and early 2009;  Nick Boucher on lead guitar for Amazing Grace Blues, not only on the recordings but also for many worship services.  The two professional studio 
producers and their children also have helped with scripture readings and 'acts' within songs. My thanks to Nate and D.J. (see Cracked Mirror for their play), Kyrstin and Ryan.

ABOUT  DianaDee Osborne, owner of Osborne "INK" and DiDoReflections.com
      ("DIe to self,  DO for Christ, Reflect God -- all with the Holy Spirit's gifts of power
      &  wisdom"), recorded all other vocals and instruments including rhythm guitar,
       slide bass, keyboards, and midi instrument flutes and oboes, and with God's 
       help even some not-too-bad drum tracks and texture backgrounds.   
                The ministry name    DiDoReflections   is also the basic description of
       DianaDee -- Just an ordinary woman who loves music and yearns to give God 
       joy by developing music gifts and ideas HE provides.  And, praying fervently 
       that YOU will find joy and deep peace yourself, within these songs of God.

       BASIC INFO that explains why so many songs focus on God's COMMANDMENTS --
       even though we CANNOT earn salvation... SUMMARY: When we love Someone,
       we do what They... He... already said He likes.                                 Download:  

ABOUT THE AUTHOR OF THESE SONGS,   info provided by DianaDee Osborne:    
       There were just under 400  "DianaDee" songs on the World Wide Web as of 1 Nov 
       2014.  The 1st & 2nd song were written in late 2007. That means -- to make
       the math easy for you -- 7 years averaging 55 songs per year.  These ARE
       good-demo quality, not mastered. Now at over 490  songs, Dec 2016:  GOD's !
 This does not even count all the song drafts, pre-set up for music, on FUTURE Tabs: God's!

SONG  AUTHOR  IS   Creative    Creator  GOD,            and not  DianaDee:    
1.    THESE ARE COMPLETED SONGS... they seem not too bad, and also seem quite unique from each other.... over 55 per year average for SEVEN years canNOT be "me". It's God.

2.    THERE ARE Many-- MANY  STYLES.  There's Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Ragtime, Country, Renaissance, Classical, Praise style, a humorous couple of Hip Hops, hymns, and "Weird".... I can't figure out how to classify some like  Combinatoric Waves Peace.
       It's been my constant  FERVENT prayer that God would honor me with developing SO many songs in SO many styles that these themselves would be a Witness to God's Glory and Might.... that they themselves give you more evidence of His Ephesians 3:20-21 offer of empowering for YOU also..... God's offer of James 1: 5-6 offer of wisdom for  YOU also, like for any of us who simply humbly ask as a way to show Him love and worship.  God answering "Jabezian Prayers" (see song)

BECAUSE ................

      No single person can write all of this out of even true human genius.  And I'm assuredly no genius.  I have to read chord books to figure out what that chord in my head is that "just came out" for a song, so that I can write it on the music sheet for other people.  I still have to pray for timing skills.  Beginning in 2006, I began praying daily to write songs.... see I Choose Your Choice ... but they were -- frankly-- BORING as DUST
      (My apologies to microbiologists and geologists who enjoy dust.)     

       An erroneous (not mean) discussion on 7 March 2008 created heartbreak that still aches (see 'Third of Despair and Hope")... AND YET once again God proved His Romans 8:28 promise is true!  On the 3rd day, God began this outpouring of one song per week average, starting with  Above My Sorrow Sea -- written in 20 minutes that March 10th...

         I had prayed daily often on knees for 21 months to write "a few songs" for God, and look at what HE suddenly answered!  Ephesians 3:20-21... FAR, far beyond what I had asked or could ever dream.  Even now I am still **SO** astounded and humbled by the honor of developing our God's songs.

        That same promise is for you, for anyone:  God invites us to experiment to see His goodness:  Malachi 3:10-14 (for all people, per God thru Romans 11), Psalm 34:8.  Just ask God..... Jesus and God's Biblical prophets repeatedly gave God's word:  "Seek."  "Ask."  Deuteronomy 4:29.  Matthew 7:7.  Jeremiah 29:11-14.... WHOEVER seeks humbly with his or her whole heart shall be AMAZED at the JOY-filled  finding!

         --DianaDee Osborne                                       last update  19 December 2016
    DIE to self,   DO for Christ, REFLECT  God --
 all with the   Holy Spirit's   Help --     2nd Corinthians 3:18

Di Do REFLECTiONS     of

DianaDee Osborne